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Simulation & Engineering

Envision's engineers are some of the best in the industry, and have years of experience in the automotive, aerospace, marine, and power sport industries. Using some of the latest technology available, Envision Engineering offers a full spectrum of design service to meet your specific production needs.


Our Services include:


FEA Analysis

Prior to tool design and build, projects will be run through a draw form simulation process. This process will prove out the formability of the product as designed. Design changes will be recommended as required. Tool design will not start until positive form simulation results have been achieved. 


Tool Design

 We offer 3D tool design for a variety of applications, including: deep-draw, progressive, transfer, line dies, and gauges.


Laser Scanning and Reverse Engineering

 Using the latest laser scan technology, we can quickly and accurately gather point cloud data accurate to better than 40 microns or .0015 inches. 


 Using leading edge software we can create NURBS surfaces that accurately represent your  physical model. These NURBS surfaces can be used to easily recreate CAD data for a part  or in some cases even be directly machined for rapid prototyping purposes. 


Check and Holding Fixture Design

 If check fixtures or holding fixtures are needed to fulfill your production or quality  requirements, we can design and produce them for you, either as part of the overall project  or separately for special requirements.  

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