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Quality Inspection

At Envision Engineering, we use state-of-the-art technology to accurately measure and certify our tooling, fixtures, and products. All of our inspection processes conform to Industry recognized standards. Below is a quick rundown of the technology we employ. (All inspection tools are maintained and calibrated to industry standards.)


ROMER 7525 SI Laser Line Probe: 

 Our Romer Arm is capable of consistently gathering over 50,000 points per second, with a measuring range of 2.5 meters. Capable of both point-probing and touchless scanning; and repeatable to less than .0015 inches, our Romer is the most accurate portable CMM available at its size. 



 Coupled with our Romer Arm, Polyworks offers limitless options for accurate and precise measuring, reporting, and reverse-engineering. With industry leading data collection algorithms and intuitive reporting, Polyworks can provide our engineers and clients with the best possible data to either confirm a good design, or flag a non-conformance. A few of the tools Polyworks has to offer include:

         •Surface Deviation Color-Mapping

         •Datum Controls

         •GD&T Reporting


         •Reverse-Engineering w/NURBS creation

         •SPC Tools


Brown & Sharpe 7107 CMM: 

 Being used for both tooling and first article approval as well as established-interval production piece checking, our CMM is an invaluable part of our quality inspection efforts. Accurate to .0005 in., our CMM gives us that next-level confidence in the parts we produce. 


PCDMIS 2023: 

 Industry leading hardware requires equally powerful software. Using PCDMIS with our 7107 CMM ensures we are able to accurately and consistently utilize the tools at our disposal. 


Class "A" Inspection:

 All Class "A" sheet metal parts receive a 100% visual inspection before they leave our facility. This inspection process is specifically designed to catch any surface dents, scratches, paint blemishes, and major shape deviations. Our goal is to provide the best possible product for the money and this final inspection step is a huge part of what makes us so successful. 


ISO 9001

Beyond just inspection of final parts, Envision Engineering strives to continually improve our Quality Management System (QMS) across the board. From the moment we receive a request for quote, we follow the guidelines established in the ISO 9001 standard. From document control to part traceability, we have procedures that ensure quality is a top priority throughout the entire process. 


Envision Engineering has a Quality Management System certified to ISO 9001.  We are audited on an annual basis and set aggressive goals to improve our quality management system every year. We follow industry standards for the maintenance and calibration of our measuring tools, CNC machines, welders, lasers, and presses. We also ensure our staff is educated and updated on the latest and greatest quality assurance methods and requirements. 

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